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Generally, professionals classify wheel damage as, cosmetic or structural.

Cosmetic Damage: A superficial damage to the wheel or rim, like curb rash, scuffs, scrapes, or scratches, that may require repair processes limited to sanding and refinishing. Cosmetic wheel damage is generally repairable.

Structural Damage: Any damage to a wheel or rim that compromises the underlying structure, such as bends and cracks. The repair processes may include heating, straightening, welding, material removal, and reshaping the wheel. In most cases, wheels with structural damage are not repairable.

The cost of repairing your alloy wheel will depend on the extent and type of alloy damage. It will also depend on the type of your wheels and their size.

1. Cost 

Buying a new wheel is going to be more expensive than getting your old wheel repaired.

2. Security

Your wheels may form dents due to driving on rough terrain, which may lead to imbalanced wheels.